Skincare In the GYM

Fungal infections: Damp, wet and dirty, shower floors are perfect breeding grounds for the bacteria that causes athlete’s foot, a major skin care problem for many people. Excessive sweating and occlusion in damp areas of skin promotes the growth of fungus.

The exercise equipment at any the gym is a potential source of infection for your skin. As it has been exposed to numerous peoples’ sweat and germs all day long. Make sure you wipe down any workout surface you will be touching with an anti-bacterial spray before using it.

Dehydration: No matter how much water you drink, perspiration is a normal part of exercise-even on the face. Keep your facial temperature low by drinking plenty of water, and try a facial mist, too. Also, if you are a regular gym or exercise goer, limit your alcohol intake in general.

Frequent showering can cause dry skin: It is important to shower after a work out but excessive showering and harsh soaps can dry out your skin so the use of a body lotion to moisturize after bath is important.

Makeup in the GYM: many gyms are now a social meeting place so the debate on makeup while exercising continues. Ideally, avoid wearing makeup when working out. Besides leaving ugly stains on your towel and running down your face, makeup and sweat can be a pore-clogging nightmare for your skin. It is important to look good and fresh but wearing full makeup in the gym is not ideal for your skin.

If you can’t bear to face the world without even as smattering of colour, look for mineral-based make-ups that are non-comedogenic and won’t run, and a water- or gel-based foundation. And as in most situations in life, a little bit of lip gloss or lip balm is preferable and won’t do any harm!

Perspiration: Use of antiperspirants is important as otherwise body odour may make it impossible for anyone else to work out in the gym along with you. So use of a good quality antiperspirant is recommended.

A little bit of care can help your skin stay smiling while you have fun working out!

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